The way to raise awareness and improve training, for the Asian population is first of all to reduce mental health disparities. Minorities are currently being underrepresented as providers, researchers, and as administrators and policymakers and consumer and family organizations.  Furthermore, many providers  do not have the knowledge and skills which is needed to make them  cultural competent, so they can provide others outside of the Majority with the  adequate care when it come down to mental health, mental illness, and mental health services. Through obtaining the required knowledge the providers will do the least harm while providing treatment.

Cultural Awareness efforts can be increased on several levels starting with the Board, Assembly, District Branches, and Components and staff. 
Strengthen efforts to recruit members of underrepresented minority groups into mental health.
Strengthen efforts to recruit members of underrepresented minorities to become mental health researchers.
Strengthen efforts to recruit and develop racial and ethnic minority mental health to serve as administrators and policymakers, both within and outside of APA.
Strengthen efforts to support faculty development in cultural competence, cultural diversity, and the reduction of mental health disparities.
Strengthen efforts to include cultural competence in the residency curriculum.
Strengthen efforts to mentor underrepresented minority medical students, residents, and early career mental health.
Strengthen efforts to provide CME on cultural competence and diversity, with specific focus on reducing mental health disparities.