Promote Mental Health Thru Collaboration

The Mental-Health Advocacy Project (MAP) is involved in multiple
initiatives to promote the mental health concerns of the Asian
population.  This project collaborates with the NASW, ACA (American
Counseling Association), and APA (American Psychiatric Association) to
promote research, cultural competence, and to create guidelines for
treatment of the Asian population. The project also advocates with
state and local school systems to provide culturally competent
material, to educate children regarding mental health issues, and to
provide evidenced based programs for Asian and other ethnic minority
children and adolescents with special mental needs.  In addition, the
project provides community outreach (public service announcements,
website, blog, workshops, and support groups) to educate the Asian
population regarding mental health concerns and treatment. Finally, the
project promotes accessibility to culturally and linguistically
competent services.